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About PC Cable World


PC Cable World was founded on two unifying principles: Quality and Solid Performance. Our objective was to serve the connectivity needs of every user through the production of durable cables which utilize top grade components and adhere to the highest production standards. Today, PC Cable World is driven by the same values and manufactures all HDMI, LAN and Fiber Cables in ISO 9001 certified facilities.


As computers, networks and the internet become a pervasive presence in the business and commercial world, PC Cable World responds to the rise of new technologies and changing standards. USB, Firewire and LAN cables are added to our catalogue as we expand our inventory and open new distribution channels across Canada and the USA.


The first decade of the new millennium brings many advances to the Audio Video sector. Specifically, the switch from Analog to Digital technology brings higher quality, consistent transmission to the mainstream. High Definition is now common in home cinema theatres and live broadcasting. Evolving to meet increased and diversified demand throughout the A/V and Networking industries, PC Cable World launches production of HDMI, DVI and RCA cabling.


Increased content and data requires higher transmission speeds for home based networks, retail outlets, government and educational institutions as well as all businesses large and small. Although LAN copper-based cabling remains ubiquitous for many applications, the use of Fibre Optic cables continues to rise. PC Cable World fibre cable are made with Corning Fibre Glass and uphold the superior standards present in all PC Cable World products.

2021 - Future

Technologies will evolve, standards will, yet again change. Whatever connectivity needs the further brings, PC Cable World is ready to face them with the same honest approach our founders committed to.

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