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High Speed HDMI with Ethernet

The Industrial Series™

Our Industrial Series Cables are the workhorse or our HDMI line. Outside: Simple, unobtrusive cables, robustly built for the most demanding conditions. Inside: Three Layers of high density shielding to ensure quality of transmission. 24K hardened gold contact, twisted pair construction. Available in lengths up to 50', they are FT4 rated (suitable for in-wall installations).

HDMI connector HDMI connector

The Cable: Gold & Silver

Two Choices, same great result. Industrial Series™ Gold HDMI cables are the perfect complement for larger scale installations and intensive uses. With a slimmer design our Industrial Series™ Silver HDMI Cables are the ideal fit for SOHO based systems and smaller setups.



The Warranty

We are confident our cables will serve you for a long time. If for any reason they stop performing to the highest standards, we offer a limited lifetime replacement warranty. The warranty period lasts as long as the lifecycle of the item. This warranty covers any kind of manufacturing and workmanship defects. Abuse, misuse, accident or natural disasters (like lightning or flooding) are not covered by our warranty!

Product Details

Avaliable Lengths

Gold Series:
VC554A VC554S VC554G VC554L More Lengths Available
1.5' 3' 6' 10' Download Length Chart
Silver Series:
3' 6' 10' 15'

Compatible Devices

device1 device2 device3 device4 device5 device6 device7


Lifetime Warranty

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of your cable, we offer a limited lifetime replacement warranty. Contact us at warranty@pccableworld.com for more information.

Why PC Cable World?

Our cables are made to surpass industry standards and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Available on demand at very competitive pricing.

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We are committed to providing the best products and support in the industry. If you are a retailer interested in joining our growing network of distributors, please contact us at partners@pccableworld.com.