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High Speed HDMI with Ethernet

The Cypress Series™

Designed and engineered in Canada, our HDMI Cypress Series offers the same robust build of our Industrial Series HDMI Cables adapted to entertainment applications. The result is a high performance cable that ensures a great, fuss-free experience. Cypress HDMI cables are retailed in a "down to earth", easy to open package made and printed in Canada from renewable sources in a carbon neutral facility.

HDMI connector HDMI connector

The Cable

A Certified High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet. It can handle up to 4K x 2K video resolutions, supporting next generation displays far beyond 1080p. The addition of HDMI Ethernet channel means high speed networking capabilities allowing the use of IP enabled devices without the need of extra networking cables. Other features include 3D over HDMI and support for additional colour spaces.



The Package

Over 8 million pounds of plastic are thrown away in North America every year. Experts estimate that it will take 450 years for a PET clamshell package to naturally degrade. Our Cypress HDMI Cables are packaged in a box printed in Canada on 100% recycled uncoated paper using 100% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free inks. This package is eco-friendly because we ensure that each step involved in its production is taken with the highest degree of environment responsibility.

The Warranty

We are confident our cables will serve you for a long time. If for any reason they stop performing to the highest standards, we offer a limited lifetime replacement warranty. The warranty period lasts as long as the lifecycle of the item. This warranty covers any kind of manufacturing and workmanship defects. Abuse, misuse, accident or natural disasters (like lightning or flooding) are not covered by our warranty!

Lifetime Warranty

Product Details

Avaliable Lengths

VC557A VC557S VC557G VC557L
1.5' 3' 6' 10'

Compatible Devices

device1 device2 device3 device4 device5 device6 device7


Lifetime Warranty

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of your cable, we offer a limited lifetime replacement warranty. Contact us at warranty@pccableworld.com for more information.

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Our cables are made to surpass industry standards and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Available on demand at very competitive pricing.

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